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Texas Medicaid Income Limits & Asset Limits (2014-2015)

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

MEDICAID in TEXAS 2014 Amounts 2015 Amounts

Income Cap (one Medicaid patient) $2,163/month $2,199/month

Income Cap (both spouses are Medicaid patients)

$4,326/ month $4,398/month

Countable Asset Cap (one Medicaid patient)

$2000 $2000

Countable Asset Cap (both spouses are Medicaid patients)

$3000 $3000

Spousal Protected Resource Amount $23,448

Spousal Protected Resource Amount (maximum spousal impoverishment allowance unless couple qualifies for Expanded SPRA)

$117,240 $119,220

Maximum Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance $2,931.00 $2980.50

Transfer Penalty $156.34/day $162.41/day

as of 9-1-15


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