Two Easy Steps

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Step 1:
Choose a Service from the list below to see
available dates and times.
All appointments require pre-payment.

Remember to click the "                             " button 
that appears after you enter your information.

NOTE: After you click the Schedule Appointment button you 1) will see an "Appointment Summary" screen and 2) will receive a confirmation email from If you don't get that confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folder. If you don't see the Appointment Summary screen you may have forgotten to click the Schedule Appointment button. Phone us if you are concerned: in Texas 210-826-1122 and in Washington 206-905-1122.

We look forward to working with you.

All conferences are by video or phone.
Your confirmation email will include instructions.
You can also click on the blue "Video Conference Info" button at the top of this page for the same information.

We reserve the right to cancel your appointment (and refund your payment) if Premack determines he is not the right lawyer for your situation.

See our cancellation policy.

Your prepaid consultation fee covers your consultation with the attorney and the attorney and staff's preparation time for your appointment.

During your consultation the attorney may recommend various legal documents or actions. The cost of those documents or actions will be made clear and invoiced separately, and are not part of the consultation fee.

Step 2:
repare for your appointment.
Click the appropriate button for Guidance.