The Artworks of Ruthie S. Premack, and
collaborative Artworks of Ruthie S. and Tiffany S. Premack

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Ruthie S. Premack, mixed media artist, creates each of her pieces to be hung and displayed from whatever corner or side the viewer deems pleasant. The artist suggests rotating the piece, at different times, hanging it from a different side to keep it fresh and to enjoy viewing it from a different perspective. Inspired by math, the world around her, nature and her loved ones, the artist desires that with the viewing of her art, the aficionado will feel not only refreshed – but also a bit enriched - for trading some of their own important life to look at, to mentally dive into and to maybe even appreciate her works!

For years Mrs. Premack did her work as stand alone pieces, until she saw the works of Tiffany Premack and was inspired to incorporate them with some pieces on which she was currently working. These works are the beginning of the collaboration pieces by Ruthie S. Premack, mother, and Tiffany S. Premack, daughter, where Ruthie takes her uncommon geometric painted and sewn canvases and adds the luscious layer of tatted lace by TIffany to create abstract yet concrete efforts that are more than the individual pieces themselves.

Tiffany S. Premack, handmade lace-by-tatting artist, creates each of her pieces to follow her inspiration. The art of creating hand made tatted lace is being lost to history. A fan of history, with her degree in Anthropology, Tiffany Premack is bringing hand-made tatted lace back to the awareness of the aficionado. She has added a new twist to the rare skill of tatting. Antique tatting was historically ivory or white, using consistent size white or ivory thread. Tiffany Premack uses threads of many weights and a variety of colors to make her beautiful works of art.


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