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2023 Texas Medicaid Income and Asset Limits

Updated: Sep 7, 2023




Income Limit

$2,382 / mo

$2,523 / mo

$2,742 / mo

Countable Asset Limit




Protected Resource Amount, Minimum




Protected Resource Amount, Maximum




Spousal Maintenance Allowance (MMMNA)

$3,259.50 / mo

$3,435 / mo

$3,715.50 / mo

Transfer Penalty divisor

$237.93 / day

$237.93 / day

$237.93 / day, but

after 9/1/23 increases to $242.13/day

Home equity limit




​Personal Needs Allowance

$60 / month

$60 / month

$60 / mo, but

after 9/1/23 increases to


MERP information | Visit our Homepage

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