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Tax filing deadline extended for all Texans

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

The IRS has announced that, as part of the disaster response following the February deep freeze in Texas, various tax deadlines have been extended.

Texans will not be required to file their 2020 1040 tax returns until June 15, 2021.

The IRS announcement states:

"... affected individuals and businesses will have until June 15, 2021, to file returns and pay any taxes that were originally due during this period. This includes 2020 individual and business returns normally due on April 15, as well as various 2020 business returns due on March 15. Among other things, this also means that affected taxpayers will have until June 15 to make 2020 IRA contributions. The June 15 deadline also applies to quarterly estimated income tax payments due on April 15 ..."

For details, read this news release from the IRS:


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