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Updated 2023 eBook

The 9th Edition of Thinking Beyond Tomorrow: Organizing, Planning, & Settling Your Estate by Attorney Paul Premack is now available as an eBook. The updated 9th edition is the successor to The Senior Texan Legal Guide and is packed with current legal information and planning strategies for your estate.

Thinking Beyond Tomorrow covers a wide range of legal concepts. You will learn how to organize your assets, plan for your future, protect your loved ones, and how to settle an estate in Texas. It will answer your questions and help you prepare for updating or making your own estate plan with Mr. Premack. The eBook is 458 pages packed with helpful legal guidance.

The best part is that Thinking Beyond Tomorrow is updated for 2023 and contains new legal information and guidance for your planning needs. It is available as a download PDF eBook from so you can read it on any device. No need to wait for shipping or carry a heavy paperback around. You can access this valuable resource anytime, anywhere.

You can even share this email with your friends and family!

Don’t delay. Get Thinking Beyond Tomorrow today and start planning for a secure and peaceful tomorrow. For pricing information and more details, visit by clicking here.


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