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After you have made your appointment, Premack will send you an email invitation for your GoToMeeting video conference. Keep the email. You need it to join the video conference when the date/time arrives.

Steps to take before your appointment date/time:

  • BROWSER: Using a Chromium-based browser (like Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, etc.)? Great. No download should be necessary! When the date/time for our conference arrives click the link in the email invitation to join the conference.

1. Click the link in the email invitation to join the conference.

2. Look for the row of buttons at the bottom of your screen. 
3. Tap the camera button to start your camera. It looks like this ---->

4. You will see your image. Tap "share" so Premack can see you.

5. Here is a short youtube video that gives further explanation: click for video


  • DIAL-IN: We prefer video so we can see each other, but if you can't do video you will (1) dial the phone number in your email invitation at our scheduled date/time,  (2) dial the "access code" in your email invitation and hit the # key, (3) hit the # key again when the recording asks if you have an "audio PIN" (there is no audio PIN). That's it. You are connected. Talk into your phone like you would for any other phone call. 

Below is a video on how to join a GoToMeeting conference on your computer. This is borrowed from YouTube, so the link, phone number, and codes in the video are just samples. You'll find your personal link in the email invitation you get from us.