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                       Artwork of
                        Ruthie S. Premack
                         and of Ruthie S. Premack & Tiffany Premack

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The artwork of R. S. Premack is characterized by bright colors, bold geometric forms, flourishes and her signature hand-stiched patterns directly on the canvas.  Each work of art can be enjoyed for itself; one does not have to look for meaning behind the art.

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Mrs. Premack initiated a program that has planted thousands of trees in the US and Mexico through American Forests and other non-profit organizations.

Mrs. Premack served as local coordinator for the International Dark Sky Association, and after years of effort helped pass the Texas Dark Sky law. She also led the Premack Law Office in sponsoring a Dark Sky educational initiative at the McDonald Observatory. Today many more stars are visible in the cities, and the picture improves yearly.

Mrs. Premack is certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader by the Madan Kataria Laughter Yoga Institute in India (her cerficiation was awarded at a program in California).
R. S. Premack, ArtistRuthie S. Premack R. S. Premack is an award-winning visual artist. Her work is on display in Texas and Washington and has been in galleries in
New York, Nebraska, Colorado and Osaka, Japan. 

Mrs. Premack earned her BA in Organizational Communication and Business Management from the University of Texas at Austin in 1981. She is married to Paul Premack and is the mother of Tiffany Premack and Benjamin Premack.

Mrs. Premack recieved the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Award at the White House and from the U.S. House of Representatives. She formed a group called Citizens for Curbside Recycling Pickup and through five years of constant effort convinced the city council to implement curbside recycling pickup. Now, San Antonio has the largest curbside recycling program in Texas.

Mrs. Premack received the George Washington Honor Medal from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge, was honored as San Antonio “Light” Newspaper’s Sunday Woman, and received the first NCJW Community Service Award.