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01/23/2012 - New Granparent: How can I help my son now?
01/30/2012 - What tax-favored educational savings plans are available? 
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02/27/2012 - Should people re-marry at age 66?
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03/12-2012 - Register online to become organ donor
03/19/2012 - Does life estate allow son to run cattle on dad's ranch?
03/26/2012 - Did husband create community property with gift?
04/02/2012 - How does disgruntled patient get hold of his medical records?
04/09/2012 - Downloaded flawed power of attorney = expensive problems
04/16/2012 - Does sale of mom's house void gift of house under her Will?
04/23/2012 - Who has legal authority to start a probate?
04/30/2012 - What effect does divorce have on Will and POAs?
05/07/2012 - How do I set up bank accounts in a safe fashion?
05/20/2012 - How can non-traditional couple use powers spouses have?
05/28/2012 - Can caretaker/child get larger share of estate?
06/04/2012 - Does mom's trust protect inheritance from creditors?
06/11/2012 - Does son who died shortly after mother still inherit?
06/18/2012 - Two federal courts say DOMA violates constitution.
07/02/2012 - Prepare now or your right to vote may be denied.
07/09/2012 - Growing use of Online Services poses dilemna
07/23/2012 - Can Elderly Couple Protect their Assets?
08/06/2012 - How do you revoke a Durable Power of Attorney?
01/04/2013 - New Estate Tax and Gift Tax laws
01/28/2013 - Old Bypass Wills should be reviewed ASAP
03/25/2013 - Estate Tax Case (Windsor) to be heard by US Supreme Court
04/22/2013 - Will decedent's rent houses go to the State?
07/30/2013 - Voting Options for Seniors who lack photo ID
12/23/2013 - How to name different beneficiaries for your estate


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